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In-Home Counseling

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We provide in-home counseling in Ahwatuke, Apache Junction, Chandler, Gilbert, Maricopa, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe.

In-Home Counseling Program

In-Home CounselingHave you tried traditional therapy without success before?

Can’t get your child to go to counseling? 

Do you keep putting off marital counseling because you don’t have a babysitter?

Have your panic attacks gotten so severe you’re afraid to leave the house?

Do you have a child that would have a hard time sitting still in a counseling session?

Having trouble getting to the bottom of problems your child is having at school?

Have you been putting off counseling because you don’t have the time? Still have to exercise? Let’s go to the gym!

In-home therapy may be for you!

It’s amazing how deeper the conversations tend to be with kids and teens when taking a walk or tossing a ball. Adults, also, enjoy the option of being able to sit in the outdoors or take a walk after a long week of sitting in a chair in the office.  Men, especially, typically do better with conversation side by side, not face to face. People who are more comfortable in counseling tend to open up more. If the thought of sitting across from your counselor in a typical office setting doesn’t seem like a good fit for you, give us a call so we can figure out what will work best for you.  

How in-home counseling can benefit your child:

  • In-Home CounselingWe can break barriers by shooting hoops with your teen who is resistant to traditional in-office counseling. Maybe they don’t like basketball, but like music or books.  Having them show us what’s of interest of theirs is a great way to break the ice.  It’s a much easier way to have kids open up.

  • Being in your home, we are able to make progress more quickly as we see behaviors manifest more naturally and earlier at home.  We are able to more effectively model appropriate parenting skills and help parents handle situations “hands-on” while we guide and support.

  • We are able to observe your child in school and be involved with the teachers and school counselors.

How in-home therapy can benefit the adult:

  • In-Home CounselingSave time, gasoline, money, and effort. No need to find childcare or take extra time off of work for travel time.
  • We’re so busy today.  Ours clients have said they are grateful for the convenience of having counseling in their own home and the added privacy of not needing to go out to an office.
  • People tend to feel more comfortable in their own environment.  If you’re able to feel more comfortable and be yourself more quickly, counseling goals will typically be met earlier.
  • Exercise is one of the most commonly prescribed activities for depression, stress, an anxiety. Let’s take a walk or go to the gym.  You’ll be doing two great things for your well-being at the same time- checked off the list!   
  • We’re from the east coast.  It’s common out there for people to have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). It’s a form of depression due to a lack of sunlight.  Symptoms include fatigue…….  What people don’t realize is that many people in Arizona can have SAD due to lack of sunlight.  Lack of sunlight in Arizona?  It sounds ironic, but when you think about it, it’s not.  Many people tend to where sunglasses and have tinted windows in their vehicles, they open their garage with a remote control, then shut it behind them after parking their car.  Many people shut their blinds in the summer to save on their electric costs.  You should have time outside daily.  The fresh air and sunlight is important for your health.  

How in-home therapy is helpful for agoraphobia:

  • Do you have panic attacks and fear leaving your house as you fear you’ll have a panic attack and won’t be home where it’s safe?  We’ll start with you where you’re at and will go at your pace. How in-home therapy is helpful for agoraphobiaWe like to start at home and end up successfully having appointments in the office if we both decide that’s right for you.  Have you tried to beat the agoraphobia before without success?  Maybe starting with smaller steps is OK.  Usually people can make quicker progress if starting smaller, starting where you feel comfortable.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can talk about what might work best for you.

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