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Teenagers, Parenting & Marriage Articles by Kim Romen, LCSW

How to rebuild trust in your relationship
by Kim Romen, MSW, LCSW

It can be difficult to rebuild trust in a relationship when trust has been broken, but it is possible.  Often times it can even be possible to get to a much better place in the relationship than before the trust was broken.  Many times it takes something big to happen in a couple’s relationship to motivate them to do the work needed to have a healthy, fulfilling relationship.  Often times infidelity, a separation, or a discovered secret ends up being a sort of “wake up call” and motivation to nurture a relationship.  Many times couples who have successfully worked through something such as infidelity say that they are happier than they had ever been in their relationship and although they wish the infidelity never happened, they may never had taken their relationship so seriously in order to do the hard work to get to the new place. 

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Arguing: Stay on track
by Kim Romen, MSW, LCSW

In my practice I see couples who have ranges of argument styles.  Many couples who first come to see me for counseling tell me that they use yelling matches, name-calling, and put-downs as their main form of communication in an argument.  Other couples are disconnected, shut off, and do not connect with each other. 

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Are We Ruining Our Children With Praise?
by Kim Romen, MSW, LCSW

Praising our children has all sorts of benefits.  A child who receives praise is more likely to praise others, praise increases self-esteem and motivation, and can change the parent's and child's view of the child.  Can we praise too much? Can we praise in the "wrong" way? Surprisingly, there are some things you might want to watch out for.  I'd like to give you some practical rules to help you make the most out of praising your child.

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Is Your Graduate Ready For The World?
by Kim Romen, MSW, LCSW

Are you the proud parent of a young adult graduating from high school or college? This is a big step in your child’s life, especially with all of today’s pressures and challenges. Is your graduate ready for adulthood? Are you confident that your child will make wise decisions for their future? 

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