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"I highly recommend Matt as a therapist. He is very good at developing rapport with people. He works well with children and parents, and has allot of experience working with families. He is easy to work with and helps individuals meet their personal therapeutic goals. 

Jean Kerr, MSSW, LCSW
Therapist and Matt’s previous clinical supervisor"

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Matt Slavsky, MSW, LCSW, Therapist

Anxiety CounselingKnowing how to seek help and support for whatever issues are going on in your life or the life of someone you care about such as a spouse or child can be very difficult.  I have been told that I provide a safe and supportive environment which facilitates opening up and confronting issues.

I have helped adolescents and adults develop and improve coping strategies to deal with anxiety, depression, anger, relationship issues, and tics/Tourette’s since 1996.  As a therapist, I strongly believe that it is critical to meet people where they are at in their life, not forcing change, but rather stimulating and motivating change providing individualized treatment for each client.  That means my schedule is fairly flexible, including weekend hours, in-home therapy, individual, couples, and family therapy.  My experience ranges from working with adults and adolescents in inpatient mental health hospitals, group homes, in-home and in office settings.

Adolescents have said that they find it comfortable talking with me, while maintaining professional boundaries and working with parents improving their relationship with their children.  Focusing on structure, rules, and learning how to make use of natural consequences often help parents.  I have found that providing a safe environment and quickly building rapport allows improvement and change to happen within the first few sessions.

Clients with depression, relationship issues, Tourette’s, or anxiety often take medication in addition to being in therapy.  I am able to work with your psychiatrist or recommend one if needed.  I also believe that medications should be used only when other conventional methods prove to be unsuccessful. 

Couples are often looking for revitalization of their relationship and improved communication.  Sometimes they’re trying to regain trust after an affair or are thinking divorce and are looking for one last glimpse of hope.  Even change with just one party can start the ball rolling to making change in the relationship. I provide tools and support which help relationships get on track, again.

Feel free to call me at 480-343-2617 to schedule an appointment.   I look forward to meeting with you. 

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