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Kim Romen has excellent clinical skills to assist those who are in need of counseling. She is a caring and dedicated therapist who has experience working with diverse populations. She is a true professional. I highly recommend her!
Jeff Taylor, MSW, LMSW Therapist

“Kim Romen is an experienced professional whose counseling services have been invaluable to parents and families learning to grow together and to solve life and relationship challenges. I highly recommend Ms. Romen for counseling needs for families and children.”

Tina Baker JD, MC, LPC
Attorney Mediator

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Kim Romen, MSW, LCSW
Therapist and Founder of Family Perspectives, LLC

Couples CounselingWhy did I start Family Perspective, LLC?

Hi. I am Kim Romen, the founder of Family Perspectives, LLC. I had worked as a psychotherapist and crisis therapist between 1999 and 2008 (and as a mental health worker and in other capacities from 1994-1999). After having seen the benefits of doing therapy in client’s homes and seeing the need for in-home therapy in the private arena, I decided to open Family Perspectives, LLC in 2007. Family Perspectives, LLC offers more rare options than just in-home counseling, though, such as weekend hours, male and female therapists who can work together on cases if so desired, and expertise with children, families, and couples.   

My therapy “style”

I started Family Perspectives with the idea that humans each have a different perspective on things and each perspective has value. Yes, there are times when I help my clients see that their actions are not healthy, but so much of the time I see my job as trying to help the client identify and communicate their needs and help them process what they can do to best achieve those goals. I’ve had clients tell me that they appreciated that I spend the time to try to get to understand them and help direct them from the point where they are at, not just giving them advice of what I feel is best for them.  I have had other clients tell me that they enjoyed the balance of process verses practical tools that they received from sessions. 

Many clients tell me that although therapy can be difficult, they start feeling better right away, many times even at the first session. I have regular conversations with my clients about their comfort level in sessions and what works for them. We plan out measurable goals together from the beginning of therapy so that we can both be sure that you are making good progress and if you are not, we will be able to look at what needs to happen in order for you to make greater progress and/or if the goals need to be reworked. I take great interest in that my clients meet their goals and get what they need out of therapy.

I tend to balance being gentle with being direct when needed. I am big on meeting people where they are at, having patience and not giving up hope, pushing as much as is appropriate, and educating my clients. I will provide a safe, supportive environment for you to explore the areas of your life that you feel a need to change.  Also, being a Christian counselor, I am able to work from a perspective that goes beyond traditional psychological techniques and goes to your soul. Most of my clients are not Christian and do not find my spiritual orientation to be a problem because of my honest, non-judgmental, and open-minded style.

My training is in a strengths-based modality and I base a lot of my therapy in the family systems theory. I use cognitive-behavioral therapy, solutions-focused therapy, and client-centered therapy. 

Clientele I work with

  • I enjoy working with individuals, couples, and families. 
  • My specialty area is with couples and families.
  • I have experience with children from age two and all the way up to geriatrics. 
  • I am bilingual in English and Spanish and have extensive personal and professional experience with various Latino cultures.

My specialty area

While I have experience with various populations, I work mostly with couples and families. Couples-work is my passion. I get deep satisfaction out of seeing the couples I treat go from being on the verge of divorce to having a happiness and closeness they hadn’t had for years. I’ve even had clients who said they’d married for the wrong reasons and never realized they could have such a level of intimacy with their mate. 

Marraige HelpMarriage and relationships are difficult and complicated. I, myself, have been married since 1997, so besides the couples I help, I realize first hand, the struggles marriage can bring.  We bring into relationships presumptions, expectations, our own issues, and see through a filter of what the world has taught us through our past experiences.  Throw kids into the mix and things get even more complicated. My husband and I have three children of our own, so I know that from first hand, also.

I am a firm believer that most marriages can get through anything if both partners make an effort and are willing to look at their own faults, not just their spouse’s wrongs.  It can be extremely hard work to get through certain things like infidelity and hurtful and engrained patterns, but it can be harder for couples who don’t make an effort, don’t have the satisfaction to know they tried, and end in divorce, especially when children are involved.  Even if a couple decides not to stay together, if issues aren’t worked through, the chances of continuing in the same patterns in another relationship are very high and statistics show that even more second marriages end in divorce than do first marriages. It’s usually easier to heal the first marriage than to start, again and often times challenges of involving stepchildren or custody issues.

While the success of the marriage is up to you and your partner, I will fight very hard along side of you, encouraging you to stick it out when it seems most difficult.  I won’t push my values on you, but I will remind you of statistics and help you see all sides. Many of my clients have said things like they would’ve started counseling sooner if they would’ve known the benefits and outcome. 

More about me 

I have written articles for the Ahwatukee News and have been featured on and in Psychotherapy Finances Magazine. I am affiliated with the Ahwatukee Foothills Behavioral Health Network and the NASW (National Association for Social Workers).

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